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I apologize that you won’t be able to make this. Because there is no way you also have the following box tucked away, unused, in a random drawer of your kitchen:Rosettes - 15I left for a quick rollerblade (yes, I still rollerblade – I miss hockey and take what I can get) and asked my mom to pick a recipe while I was out. When I came back, she had pulled out this old box and found a recipe to work with. She didn’t know where it came from and I had never heard of a rosette. But we decided to figure it out.

This was a true baking adventure, so buckle up.

First, make the batter. To do that, beat the eggs, sugar, and salt together. I used a stand mixer, but I actually think a hand mixer would work better.Rosettes - 1 Rosettes - 2Add the flour, vanilla extract, and milk and beat until smooth.Rosettes - 4Rosettes - 5Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large pan to 375°F. If you don’t have a thermometer, the internet said you can put the stick end of a wooden spoon in, and if bubbles form, it’s ready to go.Rosettes - 3Heat the iron in the oil for 2 minutes.  Rosettes - 6Meanwhile, you should have your set up ready to go. There will be a lot of oil around, and keeping things close is a good idea.Rosettes - 8Dip the iron into the batter (I transferred it into an 8×8 pan to make it easier) then place directly back into the oil.Rosettes - 7Rosettes - 9Rosettes - 10Rosettes - 11Rosettes - 12When the cookies turn golden, pull them out of the batter and push them onto a wire rack over a paper towel.     Rosettes - 13This worked perfectly the first batch. Then for the rest of them, the cookies kept falling off into the oil. We tried everything – reheating the iron, not reheating it, draining the oil, not – but couldn’t get them to stick again. Fortunately, a slotted spoon solved this problem.

Anyways, it was definitely an adventure, and shout out to my mom for taking charge of this – it was a really fun morning, and we should definitely make elephant rosettes next.Rosettes - 16To finish up, dust the cookies with confectioners’ sugar.Rosettes - 14Rosettes - 18These cookies are basically fried dough. And like a light fried dough. So amazing. Best part? You have all of the ingredients in your pantry. Worst part? You definitely don’t have a rosette iron. Want to fix that? Amazon is always here for you.

Rosettes - 19



  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • confectioners’ sugar for dusting


  1. Beat the eggs, sugar, and salt to combine.
  2. Add the flour, milk, and vanilla extract and beat until smooth.
  3. Heat oil in a large pan to 375°F. A wooden spoon handle inserted into the oil will bubble around the edges.
  4. Heat the iron in the oil for 2 minutes. Shake off the excess oil, dip it into the batter and put right back in the oil, frying the batter until golden.
  5. Remove from oil, drain off excess oil, and push off iron onto a wire rack over a paper towel.
  6. Reheat the iron for a minute in the oil and repeat.
  7. Dust with powdered sugar.

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