SMiLes by Meg

Eggnog Cookies

This is usually the time of year when I make my cookie tins – five new types of cookies and two full days of baking. However, right now I am on my 10th straight day spending countless hours in the library and subsisting largely on free candy and caffeine. In other words, I haven’t yet had time to dedicate to my usual Christmas festivities.

Coconut Scotchies

Last week, I was mean.  I only gave you half of the recipe to the treat I was making.  However, this week, I plan to make that up to you.  So, if you have not yet finished all of the chocolate ice cream (which I realize is unlikely, I barely had enough to use one day later, let alone a week), you can combine it with today’s cookie recipe to make some pretty unbelievable ice cream sandwiches.