SMiLes by Meg

Peppermint Oreos

Looking back over the years, I’ve tried to make Oreos a few times. When I first moved into my apartment in Boston after law school, I gave them a go with this recipe. Then, a couple months later, I tried to recreate the Trader Joe’s candy cane Oreos with this recipe for my Christmas cookie boxes. Both seem to have been successes at the time, but they also both pale in comparison to the ones I made for my cookie boxes this year, a much more impressive looking and subtly peppermint variety out of BraveTart’s cookbook, of course. Christmas for

Cookie Roller Sugar Cookies

It has been a long time since I’ve seriously considered not baking on a Sunday. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I spent all day working on a paper. I still hadn’t started reading for my other classes. And I was tired. But then I remembered what I had told myself at the beginning of law school: if I didn’t have time to bake, I was taking myself too seriously. There really isn’t an excuse not to take a couple hours out of my weekend to do something I enjoy, and I really had been dying to try the