SMiLes by Meg

Gingerbread Snickerdoodles

Big soft ginger cookies and snickerdoodles have always felt like related cookies to me. It’s probably the cinnamon and the texture and the sugar on the outside. But because I think of them as similar, I’m kind of upset that I never thought to combine them before. Alas, the New York Times beat me to it, and rubbed it in my face by including the recipe in a compilation of Fall recipes I was looking at to find something to make for dinner. Cookies can be dinner, right? So start by whisking together the flour, baking soda, cream of tartar,

Gluten Free Gingerbread Men

Last weekend I mentioned that I had had time to make two types of cookies – I’m cheating this weekend and posting the second instead of making something new. That’s not to say I’m not baking. Yesterday I arrived in Utah to ski with a group of friends that comes out here every year. This is my first year participating, but apparently they take their food plans very seriously.

Gingerbread Spritz Cookies

What’s that? Thanksgiving is in 4 days and you don’t really like to make pie? Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution! Of course, my solution only actually works if you’ve bought in to my frequent endorsements of cookie presses. I recognize it’s an oddly specific kitchen utensil, but at least it’s a cheap one!

Gingerbread Men

This is the latest I’ve posted in awhile.  I always underestimate how long it will take me to decorate cookies.  Oh well, I can’t help being a perfectionist. Anyways, after a brief hiatus last week, the Christmas Cookie Project is back with a vengeance.  Tomorrow there’s a holiday at work, to which I committed cookies.  And then there are all of the various people I need to give cookie tins to.  And then of course there are my students, who have requested treats as well.  In short, I will be baking every day this week.  And maybe posting some of