SMiLes by Meg

Orange Spritz Cookies

For my last in this year’s Christmas cookie series, I bring you something a little fruity to round out your cookie boxes: orange spritz cookies. Everything in my box so far had been either chocolate or butter or ginger or some other traditional warm flavor and I wanted a fruit counterpoint. Usually you can do this with some thumbprints, but I really am not a huge fan of jam cookies (other than hamantaschen). I prefer cookies that rely on the zest of a fruit. I also prefer cookies that let me use my cookie press. These checked both boxes. First,

Gingerbread Spritz Cookies

What’s that? Thanksgiving is in 4 days and you don’t really like to make pie? Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution! Of course, my solution only actually works if you’ve bought in to my frequent endorsements of cookie presses. I recognize it’s an oddly specific kitchen utensil, but at least it’s a cheap one!