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Quick Bark

Ever find yourself in need of a quick dessert for a holiday? This is your solution. All it takes is a quick trip to Michael’s (or whatever other craft store you know of that sells every possible color of Candy Melts), and maybe 30 total minutes of assembly and waiting time. End result looks very impressive, is endlessly adaptable to your tastes, and can be piled in a tupperware without worrying about ruining it. Extra perk? It fills the need at cookouts for something sweet at the end of a big meal without requiring the commitment of a slice of cake.

Obviously, I feel strongly about the value of this dessert. But I am going to offer the recipe to you differently from how I made it. I followed a Pinterest recipe that claimed to be gluten-free, but I think these would be much better with some kind of crunchy cookie base. The version I brought to the 3rd of July was just glorified white chocolate. Nothing wrong with white chocolate, it could just be more interesting. So even though I didn’t use them, I think you should use some Famous Chocolate Wafers before you start spreading the melted chocolate. I know I will whenever I next need to make these!

First, melt ALL of the colors you plan to use according to the package instructions. You want everything to be melty at the same time because Candy Melts harden way faster than you ever think they will. So keep stirring the melted colors while you make the others. I made two full bags of the base color (white), and about half a bag each of the accent colors.

Next, decide on your toppings. I went with some red, blue, and brown peanut M&Ms (and had to pick them out of a mixed bag because RiteAid seriously let me down on seasonal candy selections), but other options could include regular M&Ms, heath bar, peanuts, pecans, sea salt, bacon… whatever your heart desires. Then, line the bottom of a baking sheet with Famous Chocolate Wafers. Spread the base color over the wafer evenly. Working quickly, spoon a grid of the accent colors over the base color. Take a toothpick and start dragging it around haphazardly until you’re happy with the tie dye effect you’ve created. Still being quick, push the toppings you’ve decided on into the melted chocolate. If you look closely, you’ll see that I also used some cool edible silver stars. While you’re at Michael’s picking up Candy Melts, turn around in the aisle and look at all the sprinkle options you’ve got available to you. I promise you’ll find something you want to use. Freeze the whole baking sheet for about 15 minutes to solidify. Pull out of freezer and break into single-serve pieces (whatever that means to you) by hand.Keep refrigerated until ready to serve. Store covered in the fridge for as long as it takes to finish them.


Quick Bark


  • 24 ounces white Candy Melts
  • 6 ounces each of 2 accent color Candy Melts
  • 1 package Famous Chocolate Wafers
  • 2 cups candies/nuts/toppings


  1. Melt all of the Candy Melts according to package directions, making sure all colors are ready to use at the same time.
  2. Line a baking sheet with Famous Chocolate Wafers.
  3. Spread white candy melts evenly over cookies.
  4. Working quickly, spoon a grid of the other two colors over the white. Swirl with a toothpick.
  5. Spread and press toppings into melted chocolate to secure in place.
  6. Freeze for 15 minutes.
  7. Remove from freezer and break into pieces by hand. Refrigerate until serving.

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